Top 5 Events This Week


1. The Beach Boys
The original boys of summer roll through Cincinnati for a 50th anniversary reunion tour, the first outing for the iconic group in more than 20 years. Check out Chris Varias’s Q&A with Brian Wilson in our June 2012 issue. June 12 at Riverbend Music Center,

2. The Art of Sound: Four Centuries of Musical Instruments
Taken from the Cincinnati Art Museum’s vast permanent—and largely hidden—collection, The Art of Sound: Four Centuries of Musical Instruments presents a selection of pieces representing four continents and dozens of distinct musical cultures. The delicate, elaborate instruments get a new lease on life when displayed as works of art alongside related paintings, photographs, prints, and ceramics. And through a special interactive feature, visitors can actually see and hear some of them in action. June 16–Sept 2 at Cincinnati Art Museum,

3. Loveland’s Amazing Race
Just like its broadcast TV forebear, Loveland’s Amazing Race involves teamwork, problem solving, obstacles (mud pits have appeared in years past), and all-around hilarity. Bring your A-game, a healthy sense of humor, and possibly a change of clothes. June 16,

4. Santigold
Party-pop singer Santi White—better known by her band name Santigold—lends her swaggering reggae-style vocals to the acclaimed new album Master of My Make-Believe, which she tours through Bogart’s this summer. June 15 at Bogart’s, 

5. View: Ways of Seeing
The exhibit View: Ways of Seeing features the cheery cherry tree, highlighting the 100th anniversary of Japan’s famous offering to our nation’s capital alongside a lesser known 1936 gift (from the library’s own patron) of 3,500 trees to Eden Park. Thru Aug 3 at Lloyd Library,

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