Top 5 Don’t-Miss Midpoint Music Festival Shows

Now in its 11th year, Midpoint ( is the undisputed mack daddy of Cincinnati music festivals. Here are our five favorites from this year’s truly kick-ass lineup:

1. Dirty Projectors
This show is a must, not least because of the band’s July 2012 release Swing Lo Magellan. The new album was an instant win for these established Indie darlings. Sept 27 at Emery Theatre

2. Dinosaur Jr.
Their distortion-drenched rock helped shape the 1990s alt-rock scene, but their 2012 release of I Bet on Sky shows the band still makes great music. Be forewarned: They’re one of the loudest live bands around. Sept 28 at Grammer’s

3. Grizzly Bear
This Brooklyn band is known for the soaring vocals of songwriter Edward Droste that run alongside lush “diaphanous folktronica” instrumentation. Sept 27 at Washington Park

4. The Walkmen
According to the lifespan of the average Indie group, The Walkmen are entering their golden years. This May saw the 10-year-old band’s seventh acclaimed release, Heaven, proving that they’re just getting better with age. Sept 29 at Grammers

5. Wild Belle
This mostly undiscovered brother-and-sister band brings some bluesy, Amy Winehouse-style soul to the mix (though they lay those vocals over trippy electronic rhythms). Sept 28 at Know Theatre

Correction: Sleigh Bells were originally listed in our Don’t-Miss shows. But Derek Miller broke his arm and the band has cancelled their Midpoint appearance.

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