Top 5 Cool Treats

Nothing says “miserable” quite like city humidity in the summer. Take a break from avoiding heat stroke and treat yourself to one of these delicious (and cold) desserts around town.

1.Graeter’s ice cream
No list of the city’s yummy ice cream places would be complete without Graeter’s. From traditional creamy vanilla to their signature raspberry chocolate chip, Graeter’s has been making ice cream dreams come true since 1870. They’re conveniently located all over Cincinnati, including Fountain Square.

2. Aglamesis Brothers ice cream
If you’re a fan of the old-fashioned style at Graeter’s, you should check out Cincinnati’s other nostalgic ice cream parlor. Aglamesis Bros.’ ice cream is considered “French” because of their use of egg yolk, which makes their flavors—from butter pecan to coffee—all the more delicious. Aglamesis also offers Italian ice and candies such as chocolate covered nuts. 3046 Madison Rd., Oakley,

3. Wiggy Dip
Cincinnati’s food truck revolution wouldn’t be complete without an ice cream truck, so Wiggy Dip stepped up to the plate (or, uh, cone). Look for the yellow-and-pink truck in the Miami Valley and Greater Cincinnati area to get your sugar fix. Wiggy Dip comes complete with cutesy menu names (Strawberry Strikeout, Buckeye Bites) and a new “quickie dips” delivery service, where employees will bring pre-scooped servings to your home or office. (513) 504-4517,

4. Dojo Gelato
Not screaming for ice cream? Check out the treat’s cool European cousin, gelato. Dojo Gelato serves authentic Italian-style sorbetto and gelato in flavors such as mango basil, amarena cherry, and sea salt caramel. Dojo’s treats are handmade without any artificial sweeteners. 137 Elder St., Findlay Market,

5. Yogurt Vi
If a dietary restriction (or insanity) is keeping you from enjoying ice cream, opt for the frozen yogurt, a healthier but still awesome choice. Yogurt Vi, on UC’s campus, offers a ton of flavors, including non-fat, low-fat, sugar-free, or non-dairy options. Each flavor can be topped with fruit, syrups, or dry toppings from walnuts to sour gummy worms. 226 Calhoun St., Clifton Heights,

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