Top 5 Coffee Shops


Do you make an involuntary sound of joy at the first sip of the day? Then this list is for you.

1. Coffee Emporium
With artisan roasted beans and many locally sourced edibles, you could eat and drink here for every meal of the day and die happy—and caffeinated. Though there are several locations in the city, the downtown café has a special charm. It’s a wide open space that welcomes folks dashing in for a morning boost and those who’re looking for an inviting place to linger. 110 E. Central Parkway, Downtown,

2. BLOC Coffee Company
More than worth the drive to the West Side, BLOC’s cold brew demands consumption even in the coldest months of the year. They’re also a truly invested community establishment, partnering with BLOC ministries to support disadvantaged families and children, and Deeper Roots Coffee to offer locally roasted coffees. 3101 Price Ave., East Price Hill,

3. Deeper Roots Coffee
The roaster’s first coffee bar is an elegant, Spartan space, and it’s a good thing because your attentions will be entirely focused on how amazing your handcrafted beverage will be. Grab a growler of iced coffee for later while you’re there—you won’t regret it. 3056 Madison Rd., Oakley,

4. Collective Espresso
There are a few ways to enjoy this local outfit: The OTR location is the original; it’s perfect for a quick espresso stop. The Northside location is tucked into the back solarium of an out-of-the-way building; it’s calm, light-filled, and lovely. And Collective CAC is the Contemporary Art Center’s café, where you can get a proper sit-down lunch (and, of course, a killer cuppa). Pick your poison.

5. Highland Coffee House
For those who like to drink their coffee after dark. Cozy up with an iced Thai Latté on a couch that’s probably as old as you are, or sidle up to the bar for an ice cream cocktail. The atmosphere is clectic, chill, and reminiscent of visiting your great auntie who survived the sixties with her memory mostly intact. 2839 Highland Ave., Corryville,



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