Top 5 Unexpected Places to Get Soft Serve


Soft serve is our fair city’s summertime drug of choice. And while we would never encourage disloyalty to your local creamy whip, sometimes you just need a quick fix when you’re out and about. Here are five surprising places to score.

1. At Jason’s Deli’s in Norwood you can top off your lunch with a cup or a cone. It’s free with purchase (they even have chocolate sauce).

2. Newtown Farm Market in Newtown serves up an indulgent frozen custard (more butterfat than many soft serve ice creams; it also contains egg) all summer long. Choose from chocolate or vanilla in a cup, cone, or shake.

3. The cheese popcorn at Patty’s Popcorn in Hyde Park is highly addictive (and we’ve got the orange fingers to prove it) but if you’d like a sweet to balance the salty, grab a cone of chocolate, vanilla, or swirl.

4. The Cincinnati Zoo has three locations where you can cool off with a cone: Safari Soft Serve has chocolate and vanilla (located near the 4D Theater), Savannah Soft Serve offers blueberry and pink vanilla (near the Zoo’s new African exhibit), and Edie’s Ice Cream serves up chocolate and vanilla adjacent to the Polar Bear exhibit.

5. Dairy-free? Rooted Juicery in Oakley has you covered with a creamy, non-dairy frozen custard made from coconut milk.

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