Top 5 Carousels

Carol Ann's Carousel

Photo: Staff

Feel like you’re going around in circles? That’s a good thing—as long as you’re riding one of these local carousels.

1. Kings Island
The Grand Carousel turns 90 this year. Originally purchased by Coney Island in 1926, this was one of the first rides King’s Island bought for its opening in 1972. It was one of the last carousels produced by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in Philadelphia, PA.

2. Smale Park
Carol Ann’s Carousel, Cincinnati’s newest carousel, is housed in a glass walled pavilion at Cincinnati’s newest riverfront park. There are forty-four characters to ride, including a bat, bee, and ladybug.

3. Coney Island
This 36-foot diameter old-fashioned carousel offers a bit of sweet summer nostalgia at the fifth oldest amusement park in the United States.

4. 360 at the Radisson Hotel
One of the country’s few remaining revolving restaurants is right across the river at the top of the Radisson Hotel in Covington, Kentucky. The views more than make up for the lack of animals to ride.

5. Kings Island
We’ve come full circle (pun intended). Kings Island also offers a classic carousel for the kids in their award-winning Planet Snoopy children’s area. Head to the Character Carousel for all the charm of its Grand-er counterpart, but in a more kid-friendly size.


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