Top 5 Art Exhibitions To See This Week

From ancient Chinese artifacts to Confederate imagery to Mid-century minimalism: There's a wide world of art on display this week.


Individual Terra-Cotta Army Photographs Courtesy Cincinnati Art Museum

1. Mid-century Modern is a term most closely associated with minimalist, geometric home décor, but it also represents an artistic movement that spawned greats like Joan Miró and Cincinnati-based Charley Harper. See works from these artists and others at Mary Ran Gallery in an exhibition that benefits Hyde Park Center for Older Adults. Through July 28, 2018, Mary Ran Gallery, 3688 Erie Ave., Hyde Park, (513) 871-5604,

2. Most anyone who has visited Union Terminal is familiar with the beloved Winold Reiss Murals that depict industry in Cincinnati during the 1930s, when they were created. You can view photographic, gouache, and crayon studies of the murals at the Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery through the end of August. Bonus: while at the gallery, be sure to see Matt Lynch and Curtis Goldstein’s Work/Surface, a mosaic honoring industry in Cincinnati with a focus on Evendale’s Formica Corporation. Through Aug 26, 2018, Weston Art Gallery, 650 Walnut St., Downtown, (513) 977-4165,

3. Confederate Currency: The Color of Money at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center explores the inextricable connection between slavery and economy in the Confederacy. John W. Jones studied 126 depictions of slavery on confederate money, and the findings have been juxtaposed with paintings inspired by the scenes. Through July 13, 2018, NURFC, 50 E. Freedom Way, Downtown, (513) 333-7500,

4. Explore ancient China at the Cincinnati Art Museum during Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China. View terracotta warrior figures, jewelry, arms and armor, jade ornaments, and more than 120 other items drawn from collections in Shaanxi province, China. These pieces date to the Pre-Qin period to the Qin Dynasty, covering hundreds of years between 770 BC-207 BC. Through Aug 12, 2018, Cincinnati Art Museum, 953 Eden Park Dr., Downtown, (513) 721-2787,

5. View prints from one of America’s most famous photographers, Ansel Adams, at Taft Museum of Art. By displaying some of his well-known pieces alongside rarely seen works, Ansel Adams: A Photographer’s Evolution examines the journey through which Adams developed his signature style: black and white images that capture the breathtaking variety of the American landscape. Through Sept 16, 2018, Taft Museum of Art, 316 Pike St., Downtown, (513) 241-0343,

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