Top 5 Ways to Prep for Derby Day

Top 5 Ways to Prep for Derby Day

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Yes, a two-minute horse race does require a week of prep. Here’s how to do Derby Day right:

1. Hats
Vintage shops like Mannequin OTR, nvision, Casablanca, and Hi-Bred are great sources for toppers that would make Eliza Doolittle proud. Want a hat you might actually wear beyond Derby Day? Try Batsakes downtown or the Hansa Guild in Clifton. Cool with consignment headwear? Look behind the counter at The Snooty Fox.

2. Attire
Ladies: Yes, a dress. Try Khaki’s, Alligator Purse, or Soho Boutique in Hyde Park. Or for vintage duds, check Gayle’s Vintage in Milford. Gents not currently in possession of a seersucker suit should head directly to Brooks Brothers.

3. Julep Cups
Silver tumblers are the classic vessel for a traditional Derby Day mint julep. Check consignment shops like Legacies, antique malls like Riverside Center Antique Mall, or That Shop in Milford (in Milford).

4. Flowers
It’s called “The Run for the Roses” for a reason, y’all. Use the red rose garland presented in the Winner’s Circle as inspiration, and order a few bouquets from a local florist like Del Apgar Florist in the East End, Adrian Durban Florist in Clifton, or Over-the-Rhine’s Eden Floral Boutique.

5. Everything else
If The Party Source doesn’t have it, you don’t need it. Stock up on mixers, paper goods, snacks, favors, and of course—Bourbon!

Honorable Mention: Eat some fried chicken.

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