Five Local Gift Box Subscriptions You Should Know About

Whether you're gifting or treating yourself, plenty of local makers offer "of-the-month" clubs you should know about.

Style Counsel: Shaheen Miro Shops the Whole Store to Create a Look That Inspires a Feeling

Artist Shaheen Miro studied fashion design and talks about the way clothes can inspire confidence--or mask our true selves.

The Book Bus Is the Cutest Bookstore on Wheels

Melanie Moore's Book Bus is on a mission to connect kids with books they can call their own.

Meet Mica 12/v’s New Sister Store

Paper Wings, a paper goods store just steps from Mica 12/v, will open its doors this Friday.

The Northern Market Has Plenty of Rope

Lindsey Zinno's accessories and homegoods turn hand-sewn cotton rope into must-have accessories.

Three Shops That Stock Local Makers

Treat yourself to a locally made gift from one of these retail spots.

Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck Spreads Joy with Fresh Mobile Blooms

Megan Moore's red flower truck can be spotted at local markets and events seven days a week this summer.

Ohio Valley Beard Supply Keeps Gents Groomed

The homegrown facial hair care line keeps on expanding.

Coda Co. Creates Rustic Furniture and Home Decor Using Recyclable Materials

Husband-and-wife team Kelti and Tanner Ziese upcycle bourbon barrels, coffee bags, organic cotton rope, and more.

Celebrate Pride Month All Year Long with These Colorful Goods

Five local businesses spread love with their rainbow products.




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This Is What it Looks like When Robin Wood’s Two Daughters Get Married

Sadie Steller and Libby Mock have always been close. Born just 19 months apart, the sisters are best friends and have experienced many of life’s milestones together. So when they set their wedding dates for just three months apart—Libby’s was June 11, 2016, and Sadie’s was September 3, 2016—it felt natural to plan their weddings side-by-side.

Ms. Married Lady: Food Bandits, Dress Code, and Who’s Paying?

It seems the theme of this issue’s column is “how not to cause an irrevocable rift in your family while planning your wedding.” Fun!

Five Bachelor Party Tips from a Serial Groomsman

Over the past 18 months, I’ve attended 12 weddings (three as a groomsman) and five bachelor parties. (Yes, I nearly wept over a recent credit card bill.) Through those experiences, I’ve discovered certain dos and don’ts about the art of groomsman-ing.

Honeymoon in New Zealand’s Untamed Wilderness

You could easily spend an entire New Zealand honeymoon slumbering in a private villa overlooking vineyards or footsteps from a sandy, swimmable beach....