Old Time Computer’s iHorn is Victrola 2.0

Old-time rock and roll now has a whole new meaning.

Think of it as Victrola 2.0. Kirk DuQuette’s iHorn speaker uses no power, relying solely on the natural acoustics of vintage instrument and radio horns to amplify your playlist. DuQuette wanted to marry the warmth of wood—like walnut, maple, and cherry—to the cool black, white, and aluminum of digital devices. “I call it retro-tech,” he says. “Victrolas were the iPods of 100 years ago.” A commercial artist by trade, on the side he turned old woodies into hot rods before breaking his hand in 2007. So he scaled down his woodworking—in size, if not scope: His latest invention is the Old Time Drawing Machine, a high definition monitor you draw on like a canvas.

Speed Racer
In 2007 Mattel turned two of DuQuette’s woody racers (both ’37 Fords) into limited edition Hot Wheels miniatures.

The Winner Is
DuQuette took home Best in Show at the 2014 Mini Maker Faire at Union Terminal. Check out the macabre talking monkey head he created to promote the show on his woodguy32 YouTube channel—it’s the “Beware the Monkey” video.

A Little Bit Louder Now
His Bluetooth iHorn models contain an additional amplifier and battery, which requires charging. Find the iHorn and DuQuette’s other inventions at oldtimecomputer.com

Originally published in the February 2015 issue.

Photograph by Anna Jones/OMS

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