Scouted: Earrings That Transport You to a Tropical Paradise


The current weather situation is clear: After weeks—months, even—of unseasonably balmy temperatures, winter has cruelly, belatedly set in for real. Like, for real for real. And while it might be tempting to surrender to the comforts of your favorite sweats, it’s worth investing in a little sartorial pick-me-up for the sake of your mental health.

Enter these pretty turquoise earrings, just begging to be worn while lounging on a private tropical island. Everything about them, from the cluster of ocean-colored beads to the carefree fringe, suggests that a sunshine-filled paradise is waiting just outside the door. Go ahead and wear them with the aforementioned sweats and pretend, at least for a moment, that everyting is irie.

Earrings, $78, Anne Rice Limited, 7135 Miami Ave, (513) 271-3020

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