Style Counsel: Tara Ferdelman

Style Counsel: Tara Ferdelman

Photograph by Jonathan Willis

By day, Tara Ferdelman is a project manager at brand design agency LPK. By night, she hosts at Clifton’s La Poste eatery, where new dishes are always coming out of the kitchen. We talked to the hardworking OTR resident about everything from piercings to Pinterest.

I’ve seen pierced noses, lips, and tongues, but never décolletage. Until now. Tell me about that jewel on your chest. It’s almost like a surgical procedure called a dermal punch. I can change the jewel, but the opal goes with everything.

When we met, you were wearing a pair of fabulous electric-blue suede platforms. They’re BCBG and were a Valentine’s Day gift from my boyfriend. I’m a total tightwad and would never have purchased them for myself. I don’t want to spend much money, but I want my closet to look nice.

How do you pull that off? I love the Snooty Fox, H&M, and The Mustard Seed. I found a Badgley Mischka ball gown—in my size—at The Snooty Fox for $19.99.

Do you often luck out with sizes? I’ve bought shoes that are a half size or size too small before. I stretch them by filling Ziploc bags with water, stuffing them in the shoes and putting them in the freezer. The water expands and stretches the shoe.

That’s genius. Sometimes you just have to have a pair of shoes. Full disclosure, my sister tried it once and the bag leaked—but that’s never happened to me.

Does LPK encourage employees to dress creatively? I’m lucky to be at LPK because we’re meant to be creative. That’s why clients come to us. I follow quite a few LPKers on Pinterest. We have a trend forecasting department and they’re always ahead of the curve.

Recent pins? I created a cocktail pin board with recipes for a pink grapefruit margarita and lychee martini.

Originally published in the May 2012 issue

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