Style Counsel: Sean Braemer

Graphic Designer
Style Counsel: Sean Braemer

Photograph by Jonathan Willis

While juggling projects at Madison Design Group, Sean Braemer is immersed in the slick world of corporate branding. But this creative type is a self-proclaimed recovering sneaker addict.

What were your sneaker brands? I stuck mainly to Nike, Adidas, and Vans. Then I got out of sneakers. It finally lost its luster for me. Must be a sign of maturity.

Was that a ’90s thing? There was probably some nostalgia going on there, but I try to avoid that kind of stuff these days. People talk about the ’90s as if it’s some golden era. I’m noticing it more with my generation. I’m looking for the day when overalls come back. Just waiting for that.

Describe your style. Functional, utilitarian, comfortable, no frills. I typically try not to look like a slob; I don’t really wear graphic Ts any more.

Where do you like to shop? I just like to look at expensive stuff and dream.

Where do you find this stuff? Blogs. Not so much fashion blogs, but photography and design. Any “visual dump” blogs like and that have a wide array of visual reference, whether it’s fine art or graphic and industrial design.

What do you wear to work? Same thing as at home: jeans, button up, loafers. I have one suit, but the pants kind of weird me out. They’re a little baggy.

What about color? If you examined my wardrobe, you’d find a lot of blue.

Who’s this little lady? Her name is Pearl. She has puppy freakouts—she bites my fingers a lot. Turns out everyone talks to you if you have a puppy, so I’ve met a lot of interesting people lately.

 Originally published in the August 2012 issue

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