Style Counsel: Michael Vinegar


Occupation: Chef, Gabriel’s Place
His Style: Street Smart

Michael Vinegar, Chef, Gabriel’s Place

Photograph by Annette Navarro

What thought process goes into your style? I’m not ready to give up the street side of me. That’s very important to me, that’s who I am. That’s just as important as the professional side. They teach you don’t judge a book by its cover. I was forcefully requiring the world to see me and judge me without the cover. You’re not just going to one-line me and tell me “you’ve got to do this,” like [one place] told me. They offered me a job, then they said I had to get my hair cut. I just left there, like Nah, I’m not on that.

How do you maintain your dreads? Once a month you have to get them twisted. When I get them to retwist it, I’ll wash them. Then I’ll just shape up, taper the sides myself.

You’re currently decked out in all blue. Do you fall in love with different colors at different times? It depends. These shoes? They just require you to wear some blue. I do want to be stylish. You know, suave but edgy. Not preppy at all. I just try to represent myself, man, and be original.

Where do you find your clothes? It’s just like how I cook. What I got, I do something with it and try to make it look good. I haven’t been shopping personally in years because I’ve got kids and I’ve got a wife. I’d rather have them look good.

Has being a dad affected your appearance? Yes. I don’t want to look like a kid no more. I already look young enough. That judge the book by its cover thing, I can’t be so anal about that. I’ve got to understand that it’s part of life. The world judges you all the time. I still wear a little street clothes, but I don’t look like I’ll rob you today.

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