Style Counsel: Lyndsay Carey

Style Counsel: Lyndsay Carey

Photograph by Jonathan Willis

Kenzie’s Closet gives hundreds of local girls their prom outfits for free. Where do the dresses come from?
We get donations from all over. Some things still have the tags on them. David’s Bridal is a big label for us. As the founder Brynne Coletti says, “Bridesmaids are our friends.”

Have you ever been a bridesmaid?

I had three bridesmaid dresses and two prom dresses on my hands when I first saw the ad for Kenzie’s Closet. I thought, “Great, finally a place to donate these things.”

What does a personal shopper do?

We work with the girls to find a dress, try it on, find accessories, and get them to a seamstress for alterations. There’s always at least one shopper for each girl and they get our undivided attention.

What are the popular looks for prom this year?

Short dresses are popular, and non-traditional styles, like the long, flowy floral dress one of my girls recently picked. It wasn’t the most “formal,” but it’s distinctive. No one else will have it.

Name your favorite thing about working with Kenzie’s Closet.

Doing something that seems so simple but is such a big deal to these girls. It’s nice to see them light up.

Originally published in the May 2011 issue.

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