Style Counsel: Izy Hardy


Photograph by Annette Navarro

You attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati. How does a fine arts graduate end up as a fashion stylist? I’ve been very fortunate that I have met people in the industry who appreciate my aesthetic and asked me to work for them. So after graduating, one could say I fell into the fashion world. Fashion is a considerable extension of personal creativity, and I have found that my particular tendencies can be rationalized by that.

That’s a pretty academic take on fashion. Did art school play a big role in your sense of style? A recurring comment I have received my whole life is “only you could pull that off.” Art school was an environment where that individuality was embraced.

Give me an example. Welding in a dress and tall boots [in the Art Academy studio] was natural for me [especially] with some of the conceptual themes in my work, particularly performance pieces. I would emphasize the femininity of a character through use of clothing.

What makes your style unique? I would say I am most known for my vegan-friendly fur collection. I’ve always loved all things plush—even the word. As soon as the temperature drops I happily bust out my fuzzy threads.

Originally Published in the March 2014 issue.

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