Style Counsel: Hannah Peacock

Occupation: Bartender, The Anchor OTR; Her Style: Urban Amazon
Her Style: Urban Amazon
Her Style: Urban Amazon

Photograph by Annette Navarro

A generation ago, being a waiter or bartender meant wearing a uniform. At some restaurants it still does, but I’ve made it a point to never work at a place where I have to wear a uniform. Some people find it easier—you just wear one thing to work and go. But I enjoy color. When there are shows we are encouraged to look nicer. Those nights we’re usually getting a more mature crowd, and they’re dressed up, going to the symphony or the ballet. Besides, it’s always nice to be served by somebody who looks nice.

Let’s talk about your earrings. They look like bones. They’re raccoon scapulas that I found in the woods on my property. I make a lot of bone jewelry that I sell through my Etsy shop, FindingPeacock. Sometimes I tint the bones using a maple leaf dye, or I’ll draw on them with my wood burner. I took silversmithing classes when I was living in Tucson, and I’m starting to work more silver into my designs. I say the bones talk to me; they tell me what shape they want to be.

What else do you find in your woods? Mostly raccoon and deer bones. I do have a deer hide in my freezer. I grew up in Westwood, but now I live on five acres in South Fairmont. I’m kind of an Amazon lady by day. I was a vegetarian for 14 years and now I kill chickens. A friend of mine is teaching me to hunt. I’m thinking a bow and arrow is pretty badass and sexy.

What are your plans for that deer hide? Deer leather is really good for moccasins, so I may make some.

Originally published in the May 2015 issue.

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