Style Counsel: Everett Brannon, NARS Makeup Artist

Occupation: Makeup Artist/Business Manager, Nordstrom NARS Counter; His Style: Brushes Ready

When did you know you wanted to be a makeup artist? I was pretty young—around 13. My mom was never afraid to wear color, and that really stuck with me. I loved watching her transformation in the morning, seeing what makeup could do. Now, I’m known as the glamour artist. I can do everyday makeup too, but I like to explore. Makeup creates fantasy.

What’s the heart of your client consultations? Teaching application techniques. Sometimes I’ll do one side of a client’s face and have the client do the other side while I walk them through it. I love meeting women who are comfortable and confident with no makeup on, but they understand and appreciate the artistic side of makeup. Wearing makeup is like walking around with art on your face.

Clearly, you’ve been successful. You were named NARS Artist of the Year. Yes! NARS nominated artists across the U.S., and I was chosen to represent the Midwest region. I got to fly to NYC, meet Mr. Nars, and participate in artistry workshops.

What’s your biggest challenge? Many people in Cincinnati are  afraid to try bold looks even though they want to. I tell them not to be scared—it’s just makeup! You can wash it off.

Do people have misconceptions about makeup artists? People think makeup artists wear too much makeup, and often clients worry they’ll end up that way. One of my friends says never to trust a makeup artist with good makeup.

Why? Good makeup artists don’t have time to do their own makeup—they’re booked.

Originally published in the August 2014 issue.

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