Style Counsel: Daniel and Aaron Strasser


Photograph by Annette Navarro

Twins Daniel (on the left) and Aaron Strasser embrace their individuality.

Obligatory twin question: Did your parents make you wear matching outfits? Daniel: No, but we had coordinating outfits. If I had a red striped turtleneck with maroon cords, Aaron had a blue striped turtleneck with navy cords. Aaron: And we had identical bowl cuts.

Did you always look so snappy? Aaron: I’d like to think so. Daniel was always paying attention to layering shirts and matching patterns. I was really into vintage clothing. My older sister took me to my first thrift store when I was younger and I haven’t stopped since. I can pull a flannel off a rack and have it tailored for under $10. Bang, my favorite shirt.

Who is the better dresser? Daniel: Aaron always had an ease and coolness to the way he dressed. My style was more deliberate; my school clothes were always laid out the night before.

Aaron, did you get those tattoos so your people could tell you apart? Just kidding. Aaron: I’m in love with Cincinnati’s imagery. My tattoos are just a way of expressing it. Cincinnati gets a reputation for being a very conservative town when in actuality it is a pretty accepting and open community. I am surrounded by beautiful, creative, and stylish people every day.

Originally published in the June 2013 issue

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