Style Counsel: Aster Social Sippery’s Zach Shumate


Occupation: General Manager, Aster Social Sippery

Style: Confident, not cookie-cutter

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

How does working at Aster affect your style?

We have really different clientele based on the day of the week and time of day. Obviously that has an effect on what I wear. I don’t want to be off-putting to anyone who comes in; I want to be accessible.

What does accessible look like?

I’m all about patterns and clothes that are fitted really well. Finding things that are comfortable and I can work a 10-hour shift in but still have that unique pattern and really nice tailoring is important.

How do you tailor outfits to your body type?

My body type is not a cookie-cutter body type for fashion. I like my legs, so I wear skinnier pants and looser tops that make my body look longer. I also spend a little more money on shoes, because that’s important with being on my feet all day.

How has your relationship with your body type and clothes changed over time?

It’s definitely been a journey throughout my life. When I was in high school, I was really self-conscious. I would avoid looking at myself in full-length mirrors when I tried on clothes, which, like, How do you even try clothes on without looking at your body?

What advice can you offer others struggling with this?

People get in trouble because they live in that shame society puts on bodies that are outside what is stereotypically desirable. To get the best results for dressing for your body type is to own it. Don’t be ashamed of your body. Be proud of it, because it’s you and it’s the only one you get. When you figure out what looks good on your body, you walk with an extra little bounce in your step.

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