Style Counsel: Adhrucia Apana


You’re a busy gal with your own market development company. What clothes best get you through your day?
I always dress for the chance that I won’t get home before an evening event. I wear flats all day—I’m a big Aldo fan—but I keep a pair of heels in my car. I love my black Ralph Lauren blazer.

Where do you shop for evening wear?
I love Paris J Boutique in Montgomery. I just got a great black dress there. It has a high black mesh across the chest so it’s a little edgy but still conservative.

iPhone or Blackberry?
iPhone. It changed my life.

Favorite apps?
I wouldn’t work out if it wasn’t for Pandora. It’s an app that picks music based on your preferences.

What has Pandora picked for you recently?
The Whitest Boy Alive, Script, Two Door Cinema Club.

Finish this sentence: “I don’t get dressed without…”
perfume. I stick with fragrances that match my mood and I switch it up daily. I like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle for formal events. For daytime, I’ve recently become a fan of Fancy by Jessica Simpson, Victoria’s Secret Pink All My Heart and Calvin Klein’s Euphoria.

Originally published in the April 2011 issue.

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