Stay Warm with Cozy Goods from The Hansa Guild

An additional 60 degrees would be optimal, but this is the next best thing.

When the temperature drops below freezing, I abandon all pretense of cuteness and go for straight-up functionality. This means insulated boots, a wool scarf big enough to pass for a blanket (a blarf, if you will), and, when necessary, a turban worn as a hat. My cold weather game is serious.

However, a recent trip to The Hansa Guild to buy lambswool insoles (trust me, YOU NEED THESE) proved that cozy doesn’t necessarily have to look crazy. An ample selection of colorful handknit hats, sweaters, gloves, and mukluks promises to make your winter less dreary, and the fluffy sheepskin throws strewn casually around the shop are practically made for snuggling on the couch.

Owner Greta Peterson went out of her way to help me choose the insoles I was looking for, and when I couldn’t find a hat that would fit over my ’fro (I’m #teamnatural), she showed me photos of soft knit headbands that would be arriving soon, even offering to set a few aside for me. That’s what I call service.

Now, about those insoles: the key to these winter essentials is to cut them down to size gradually to ensure they cover the entire sole of your shoes or boots. The thick, soft lambswool is so warm that you don’t need to wear socks even on the most maddeningly cold days, and the joy of squishing your toes in fluff is one of life’s small pleasures. They’re worth the $27, I promise.

The Hansa Guild, 369 Ludlow Avenue, Clifton, (513) 221-4002

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