Pure Romance Gets Really, Truly Sexy With a Pop-up Shop


As soon as I stepped onto the plush grey carpet, I knew this wasn’t going to be what I expected. Instead of the sparsely decorated makeshift pop-up of, say, an indie fashion designer (not that there’s anything wrong with that), Truly Sexy is a luxurious playground of gleaming chrome and lavish textures, all done in—you guessed it—shades of grey.

Pure Romance founder Patty Brisben, who recently returned from a trip to Hong Kong to work on new products, pointed out that they worked with local retailers like High Street, Ferguson Lighting, and Leader Furniture to create and furnish the space. The design and production team has been working on the shop since January 15th, and their efforts have clearly paid off.

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I recognized these neo-Baroque pieces from High Street right off the bat.

Brisben sincerely wants customers to enjoy the concept that her team has been working on for over a year. “We make it fun for you to learn about your body.”

To facilitate that learning, she hired and trained a specialized team to work in the shop, and they’ll have experienced Pure Romance consultants on hand to answer more in-depth questions. And they really, truly want you to ask questions, whether you’re a newbie who isn’t quite sure where to start or a man tentatively venturing in to find something for your partner.

If you’re just beginning to ease into the world of intimacy products, Brisben recommends starting with something simple, like massage oil. “That way, you can pamper one another. Or, if you don’t have a partner, you can pamper yourself.”

Sounds like a pretty solid plan.

Truly Sexy Pop-up Shop, open 10am to 8pm through Feb. 28th, on the first floor of the Cincinnati Bar Association at 225 E. 6th Street, downtown.

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