Local Etsy Finds For Your Valentine

A round up of local gifts for your special someone.

Even if you don’t have a Valentine, who says you can’t splurge a little on yourself? And if you do, here are some alternatives to the all-too-familiar bundle of roses and box of chocolates. Thanks to Etsy’s geo-specific search, you can go local with your gift giving while also sitting pretty on your couch.

1. a.p. loves design
These cards are a little less sappy than most (but they’re still absolutely adorable). Just buy your significant other a whole bunch if you can’t decide—fill them each with treats perhaps? $4.25 a.p. loves design

2. The Rivertown Inkery
These crew necks, vintage themed tees, and art prints are perfect gifts for Cincinnati-lovers—a heartfelt ode to the Queen City. $14.99–$42 The Rivertown Inkery

3. Ugly Hank
We’re definitely digging the revival of ’70s home decor! These cute and playful wall decorations are an updated version of the old school art in your grandma’s house. $85–$165 Ugly Hank

4. Lucca Workshop
From Ohio-shaped coasters and leather flasks to magnets and wooden bowties, Lucca Workshop laser engraves fun designs for the whimsy in all of us. $18–$62 Lucca Workshop

5. Grey Goose Gifts
Go the jewelry route and choose from Grey Goose’s dainty necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Handmade with various metals in simple, elegant silhouettes, these items prove that you don’t have to be loud to make a statement. $25–$45 Grey Goose Gifts

6. Orange Fuzz
Give a shaving set as a gift: It’s a sweet and subtle hint for your guy to tame his winter scruff. $8–$48 Orange Fuzz

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