InstaLove: Cincinnati Makers


The Queen City is lousy with talented folks making everything from jewelry and clothing to furniture and lighting to paper and textile goods. We rounded up some of our favorite products from this crafty crew:

1. Christie Goodfellow, CGCERAMICS

love the sweet succulents megan @fernstudiocincinnati planted in these cg oblong hanging palm planters! #regram

A photo posted by C G C E R A M I C S (@cgceramics) on

plates and plates! A photo posted by C G C E R A M I C S (@cgceramics) on


2. Chris Sutton, Noble Denim

Great fades coming in. Via @articlemenswear #nobledenim A photo posted by noble (@nobledenim) on


3. Jill Goulait, Grey Goose Gifts

Simple and clean. #greygoosegifts #simpleearrings #goldearrings #hoopearrings #gold #etsy A photo posted by @greygoosegifts on

4. Robert and Brittany Stadtmiller, Gem Steady


5. Andrew Neyer

Big Mobile Light A photo posted by Andrew Neyer (@mrneyer) on


6. Matthew Swaidan, Simple Wood Goods


7. Tim Karoleff, Ampersand

Today is Boxing Day? #boxing #ampersand #packing #boxes #catsloveboxes #stool #furniture #maker #businesstime A photo posted by tim karoleff (@ampersandbrand) on


8. Hayes Shanesy and Rosie Kovacs, Brush Factory

Very Complimentary. Copper and indigo @peoplesliberty A photo posted by Brush Factory (@brushfactory) on

9. Lindsey Estes, Lucca Laser Workshop


10. Andrew Steinbrecher

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