Frameri: Glasses For Commitmentphobes

Frameri lets you have your frames and lenses too.

Wearing prescription eyeglasses, plus sunglasses, to the beach: not so fun. That mess of sand, salt, and piled-on frames inspired Konrad Billetz to come up with a solution: What if you could swap your own lenses?

No fear of commitment here.

Photographs by Anna Jones/OMS

Less than 21 months later—by way of The Brandery and a partnership with The Launch Werks co-founder Noel Leon Gauthier—he was in business with Frameri, a system of high-quality, interchangeable eyewear. The frames are manufactured outside of Milan, but the lenses are processed and coated locally—at Frameri’s headquarters, the Emanuel Community Center in Over-the-Rhine.


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