Fall Style Guide: Jackets


“Waxed cotton is back, but cleaned up with a slimmer fit,” says Darrell. “Brands like Filson and Apolis have constructed some great workwear-inspired garments.”

Photographs by Aaron M. Conway
Photographs by Aaron M. Conway

Quilted Jacket
Look for: Minimalism. You don’t need lots of pockets or fancy embellishments (bonus: a corduroy-tipped collar). Wear with: A sweater or flannel shirt, trousers or denim. Find one with a down count around 600—the perfect warmth-level for fickle Cincinnati weather. Brixton, $90, Flow

Waxed Jacket
Look for: Well-fitted shoulders. Wear with: Dark denim, neutral trousers—just about anything. It’ll be stiff at first, but will break in with time. “The ultimate tan waxed jacket is something you can beat the shit out of,” Darrell says. Filson, $400, Delamere & Hopkins

Leather Jacket
Look for: Leather that’s soft and supple, not stiff—whether real or vegan. Wear with: Anything (except maybe those old sweatpants). Make it simple. Avoid fringe and embroidered logos, unless you are only wearing it to Sturgis. Sydney, $595, 45/46

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