Fall Style Guide: Cale Darrell


Occupation: Store Manager, Article Menswear
Age: 28

“I think men are finally catching on to the slimmer style and wanting an updated-traditional look—similar to the stovepipe leg you saw in the ’60s—with pants tapered from the pockets down and finished with a cropped bottom, making the pant sit right on top of the shoe.

“Mixing heavier wools with cotton or other lighter-weight materials will be very popular this fall.

“You’re seeing a lot of neutral colors. Forest green is everywhere, as well as that beige, desert-tan color.”

On Cale
Ted Baker scarf, $85, 45/46; Nordstrom tie, $49.50, Nordstrom; all other items his own

Basic Training: “It’s not about buying a lot of things. It’s about adding smaller pieces to your favorites,” says Darrell. Start with a good pair (or two) of well-fitting jeans and basic tees, then add a jacket, blazer, or sweater—and a scarf or hat.

Cover-up: “I think that’s how Cincinnati men dress: they want to be covered up in layers,” he says. “Mixing textures, like pairing a thicker wool turtleneck with a cotton blazer or even just wearing it with a pair of cotton trousers, is a great way to layer.”

Net Neutrality: “Find classic staples that go with just about everything—neutral-colored trousers or jeans, a lace-up boot, a desert-tan utility jacket, a well-fitting sport coat—and you have multiple options for style-happy closet pairings, both casual and more dressed up.”

Photography by Annette Navarro

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