DAAP’s New Style Studies Program

DAAP’s New Style Studies Program

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DAAP’s new Style Studies program is giving Cincinnati fashion lovers a chance to experience the fashion industry from an insider’s perspective, complete with showroom visits, meetings with leading trend forecasters, and behind-the-scenes tours of retail’s biggest names.

Launching October 13–17 with a whirlwind trip to NYC’s fashion market, the university sees Style Studies as a chance to connect Greater Cincinnati with the greater fashion industry. I got in touch with DAAP Associate Director of Non-Academic Programming and Adjunct Instructor (and fashion show planning diva) Laurie Wilson to find out more.

This trip sounds amazing. Where did the idea come from? We came up with Style Studies as part of our new DAAP, Inc. initiative at the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning to be able to bring creative, design-centered outreach to the public in non-curricular ways. Style Studies will be an opportunity for the public to have what I call an “Edventure,” an adventure that is both educational and enjoyable. It’s kind of like a Fantasy Baseball Camp for people who want an insider’s view of the fashion industry.

Fantasy, indeed! What do you think will be the most important thing attendees will get out of the experience? Along with a truly great travel experience, attendees will see behind the scenes of an industry that is usually exclusive, and take away an insider’s appreciation of all that goes into the development of fashion brands. And we’ll have some free time to shop in the city during what should be fantastic weather! Fall is glorious in New York, and the city will be our classroom.

As the former Director of Fashion and Special Events for Mercantile Stores, I’m sure you’ve visited the NYC Fashion Markets many times before. What are YOU most looking forward to? I am looking forward to so much! The time together with great people who have common interests is wonderful. Pulling up planeside to fly the Ultimate Air Shuttle rather than going commercial. Sharing what I know about this industry and introducing everyone to great people in NYC. But I will have to say that one of the things I am personally MOST looking forward to is a rare treat: a future trends presentation by David Wolfe from Doneger–D3, one of the most respected Trend Advisors in the industry. He was always the most interesting, exciting, and understandable presenter, and I can’t wait to hear his insights again.

So what’s next for Style Studies? Perhaps a trip to a different locale? I’ll take LA or London, please! We want Style Studies to grow into a leading “Edventure” experience for people interested in the fashion business and personal style and the effect it has on society. We have some outstanding regional markets such as Atlanta, Chicago, and LA in the US, and our hope is to choose trips to those markets at key times so our guests can experience and learn from the best our industry has to offer. Our thoughts are to build our Style Studies brand for a year or so, then we could be wherever the trends indicate as long as we have an engaged and interested audience!

DAAP Style Studies Trip to NYC Fashion Market, October 13–17. Pricing and complete registration info here


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