Clock Of Many Colors


Photographs by Aaron M. Conway

It’s not just the time that is a-changin’—it’s the colors, too. Depending on the light, environment, and angle from which you view Alex Brokamp’s color clock, the reflective face can appear in a range (or combination) of colors and hues: red, yellow, orange, purple, green.

“There’s a lot of interaction between the user and the object,” he says. A__to__B Studio began as his DAAP industrial design thesis, and has grown as an outlet to bring his ideas to life. “When I decided to design a clock,” he says, “I wanted to create this relationship where, as time was changing, the actual object was changing as well.”

→ Brokamp screens dichroic film—a material 3M designed based on the iridescence of butterfly wings—onto a laser-cut acrylic circle to make the changing clock face, and mixes in black paint as he casts the plaster base to give it marbled character.

→ Pick up a color clock on Brokamp’s site,, or at Continuum in Over-the-Rhine.

→ This month, Brokamp is exhibiting his work (which also includes furniture and lighting) at the Architectural Digest Design Show in NYC.

Color Clock, $275,

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