A Quick Thank You Note

A Quick Thank You Note

My special lady friend and I were in search of some “Thank You” cards that we needed to send out—yeah, I know, we are just the cutest, sweetest couple—so I stopped by Appointments on the second floor of the Carew Tower downtown, near the Cincinnati Magazine offices.

If you aren’t familiar with the store, they bill themselves as “southern Ohio’s premiere seller of fine writing instruments, leather goods, and gifts.” So basically, if you need something fancy to write with or to write on (or something fancy to carry those things in), pay this place a visit.

Anyway, I came across a cool set of cards featuring work by artist Eyvind Earle. The renowned California landscape artist—who passed away in 2000—worked as a background painter for Walt Disney Studios in the 1950s, contributing to films such as Sleeping Beauty and Lady and the Tramp. He later did work for television, books, and magazines as well. 

If you have some gratitude to dole out that deserves more than a quick email, swing by Appointments and pick up a box (20 cards and envelopes, $16.95). Or you could just buy me something nice, and maybe I’ll send you one.

Appointments, Carew Tower, 441 Vine St., second floor, downtown, (513) 421-7430, 411pens.com

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