Can FCC remain one of the league’s top franchises this season and capture the MLS Cup? Two matches in the next four days will offer a clue.


FC Cincinnati Opens a New Season With New Faces and Steady Leadership

Can FCC remain one of the league’s top franchises this season and capture the MLS Cup? Two matches in the next four days will offer a clue.

FC Cincinnati Hits a Fever Pitch

After just eight years in existence, FC Cincinnati now finds itself at the pinnacle of U.S. soccer. Let’s count down the top 10 moments in franchise history as we trace its twisted path to the top.

The Bengals Cue the Sad Trombones: Wah, Wah!

A rout of the playoff-bound Browns puts a bow on the 2023 season. Here’s what Cincinnati is likely to do in the offseason to improve.

The Bengals’ Playoff Hopes Evaporate in K.C. Again

The Bengals made it interesting against the Chiefs on Sunday, but in the end the 2023 season will wind up pretty much where we all expected it would on that terrible night in Baltimore when Joe Burrow was lost for the year.

The Bengals Face the Chiefs Again With Everything on the Line

Even after a humiliating blowout loss in Pittsburgh, the playoffs are still within Cincinnati’s grasp. And old friends from K.C. stand in the way, as always.

The Bengals Steal a Win for the Ages

The Legend of Jake Browning added another thrilling chapter after he led an improbable comeback against the Vikings.

Jake Browning Is Winning Over Bengals Fans and Teammates

A victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday (check your calendars!) gets Cincinnati one step closer to the playoffs.

OK, The Bengals’ Season Is Back On

Jake Browning’s masterpiece in Jacksonville has Cincinnati sniffing the playoffs again with a win over the Colts on Sunday.

The Bitter End to FC Cincinnati’s Season Shouldn’t Overshadow Its Brilliance

The pain of losing a 2-0 home lead to Columbus will fade (eventually). FCC’s amazing 2023 season will live on in local sports lore.

Pittsburgh Finds Another Brutal Way to Beat the Bengals

Same as it ever was, though a few youngsters (D.J. Turner, Jordan Battle, Myles Murphy) stood out on defense. That’s something, right?

FC Cincinnati and MVP Lucho Acosta Are In The Driver’s Seat

The most important Hell Is Real rivalry match in history is all that stands between FCC and the MLS Cup final.


Cris Collinsworth Crunches The Numbers

You know Cris Collinsworth from his Bengals glory days and national TV profile, but Cincinnati might benefit more from his newest career—tech entrepreneur.



Life In The ’Burbs With Bengals Rookie John Ross

For Bengals receiver John Ross, an Amberley Village McMansion is just the right speed.

Marty Brennaman Is Still Coming In Loud and Clear

Marty Brennaman has been the voice of the Reds for more than four decades. But his most impressive feat has been keeping a voice of his own.

Swing Shift

Andrew Benintendi’s Not-So-Long Journey From Sellman Field To Fenway Park.

New Coach, Old Dream

Luke Fickell wants to make UC football great again. If he succeeds, will he stick around to enjoy it?

Hard Knocks Revisited

A former sports reporter looks back at Bengals training camps of yore.

Mike Brown’s Forgotten Playing Days

How the Bengals owner’s time on the gridiron explains his much-maligned career on the sidelines.