Explore 33 Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods while you check out these 72 retailers who can fulfill your closet, home, and recreational needs. Plus, meet the owners who keep things running and discover up-and-coming shopping streets.

By Amy Brownlee, Kara Hagerman, Katie Coburn, Kevin Schultz, Kaileigh Peyton, Amanda Boyd Walters, and John Fox

55 Local Shops Where You Can Buy All. The. Stuff.

Explore greater Cincinnati's neighborhoods while you check out dozens of retailers who can fulfill your closet, home, and recreational needs.

Meet the Makers: Kelti and Tanner Ziese of Coda Co.

" 'Coda' in music terms means to refresh or repeat. We refresh old products and make them new again."

Meet the Makers: Libby Andress of Libby Shop

Libby Shop sells minimal, wearable, everyday pieces, with an emphasis on design.

Meet the Makers: Sue Freudiger of Artisan’s Collective

We sell everything from bath products to fine art and everything in between. Aside from some vintage items, everything is handmade by local artists.

Next Hot Shopping Street: Monmouth Street

From knitting supplies to skating accessories, Newport is a retail mecca for hobbyists.

Next Hot Shopping Street: Woodburn Avenue

Buy for the home and the whole gang (including your four-legged friends) in East Walnut Hills.

Shop Local For the Whole House at Findlay Market

New merchants and locally sourced goods make Ohio’s oldest public market a must-shop spot.