How Technology Shapes Education

While virtual learning created obstacles socially and academically, it also set up schools for future success.

Meet the New Mascots

Three Cincinnati schools changed their athletic branding and mascots to promote inclusion and diversity among students, staff, and fans.

Gaining Perspective from a Gap Year

A break from the traditional path to college gives students a new way of thinking about the world and an opportunity to enrich their lives.

Five Tips for Making the Most of a Gap Year

Taking a year off from school can pay dividends if you make sure your experience has just enough structure.

Covington’s Community Montessori Takes Flight During a Pandemic

Opening a new school during a pandemic seems crazy, but for Community Montessori in Covington, the timing was perfect.

Extracurricular Activities Provided a Lifeline

Outside activities were a vital key to help kids feel normal, calm, and happy, even without the usual in-person formats.

The Importance of Addressing Mental Health

Increased awareness of student mental health and proactive interventions in school became a silver lining of the pandemic.

The Lessons of a Challenging Year

COVID protocols might have changed how school looks, local administrators say, but it didn’t change what school means.

The Truth About Your First Semester in College

I won’t sugar coat it: First semester sucks. But you will get through it. Wherever you go to school, someone is ready to help.

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