Votto Gets Animated

The fact that I consider Joey Votto to be one of the more boring star athletes of my lifetime is far from controversial. That’s his shtick, his persona, on par with the likes of Tim Duncan, the Big Fundamental/Yawn. I also have no problem with Votto’s general apathy, and would assume that most Reds fans feel the same way. If you can spray liners to every inch of a baseball diamond with the ease of tossing rocks into a pond, there’s really no need to be a rambunctious hooligan to boot.

But the winds of change are shifting for Votto, who is clearly embracing his diva subconscious and the spoils of that $250 million contract…by appearing on Fox’s The Cleveland Show.

The newest “face of the MLB” (you can stop hashtagging his name now, Reds fans) will be voicing his animated self on Fox’s animated Sunday night sitcom, alongside fellow animated big leaguers Jimmy Rollins, David Ortiz, Matt Kemp, and Andre Ethier. The news recently landed amongst the local media, with Fox19 reporting Votto’s foray into the entertainment world last night and the Enquirer’s John Kiesewetter posting a few early glimpses of “cartoon Votto” to his blog this morning.

Evidently, Votto and friends play a role in main character Cleveland Brown’s efforts to become a major league scout. I’ve never watched The Cleveland Show, but I have seen a few stray episodes of its predecessor and mentor, Family Guy, here and there. Judging by those experiences, I’d expect nothing short of ridiculousness this Sunday.

Maybe Votto can score an Emmy to go along with that NL MVP. We’ve seen him display his acting chops once before…

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