The Ballad of Dusty Baker


As any Reds fan is well aware, Dusty Baker has always been a popular target when it comes to questioning whatever bumps in the road the team may experience. At times, this white-hot ire of fandom is actually somewhat warranted. Other times, it’s a bit much, particularly for a guy who has led the club to a pair of NL Central titles in the past three seasons. But what we haven’t heard enough of is fans considerately requesting—nay—pleading for Dusty to lead his team to its first World Series title since 1990. And even when we have heard it, it certainly hasn’t sounded this good.

Josh Sneed, a local comedian, has joined forces with Cincy native and universally adored singer/heartthrob Nick Lachey to encourage Dusty and the Redlegs through the art of song. Adapting the famed Kansas tune “Dust in the Wind” to “Dusty Please Win,” the two are hoping to compel their hometown team to the playoffs yet again, while also raising some coin for a good cause. And though it doesn’t quite reach the Will-Ferrell-in-Old School level of awesomeness, all the proceeds earned via views and downloads go directly to the Reds Community Fund.

Plus, you can never have enough Nick Lachey, amiright?

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