Nuxhall Way Podcast: A Healthy Way to Approach the Season


In the first Nuxhall Way podcast of what is sure to be a long season for Reds fans, associate editors Adam Flango and Justin Williams take stock of the first two weeks of the season for the Reds. Raisel Iglesias and Brandon Finnegan look promising, Eugenio Suarez is mashing, and Devin Mesoraco is ailing, but early season optimism has been squashed by a crushing sweep in Chicago this week. And then there is Thom Brennaman.

Sweet, sweet Thom. Now we’re not saying that Thom is going to have his work cut out for him this year, but, as far as broadcasting duties go, and the Brennamans are known for being masters of their craft, Thom has a job that, while sure it is a great job, and it’s a job any young man would almost certainly love, particularly a young man whose father is broadcasting legend, it’s still a job that, despite it’s many perks, and now trust me it certainly has perks, does, if you really think about it and dissect all the different pieces, make him vulnerable, in much the same way that Pedro Cerrano is vulnerable to curve balls, to going off on tangents. And with the bullpen as bad it appear to be, those tangents may be the only reason to stick around after the starter gets yanked.

More importantly, though, we talk about healthy ways for Reds fans to digest this season. Subscribe and rate/review the podcast on iTunes if you’re feeling kind.

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