Yes, you can touch that: Exploring art at the CAC’s UnMuseum


The UnMuseum at the Contemporary Arts Center does more than just tolerate kids. It invites them to be themselves. Up on this floor of wonders, they can touch everything, laugh with each other, and generally run amok.

Exhibit A: If you turned a padded cell into a fun, colorful exhibit, you’d have the Rockin’ Trailer, where your kids can make the museum ruckus of their dreams. You can also visit the Windowstorm and orchestrate your own indoor thunderstorm. And if that’s not enough noise for your cacophonous kiddo, Sight Unseen: The Sensory Elephant, offers many drawers full of sights, sounds, and sensations at the perfect level for little hands to explore. The UnMuseum also features an art lab and several other permanent and rotating exhibits. And I’d highly recommend Instagramming your child’s first encounter with Shark Girl.

Children under 5 are free, and admission for adults is $7.50.

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