That Moment

Photograph courtesy Loft 3 Photography

Every new parent knows those first few weeks with your little one are a total blur. “Our babies grow so fast,” says Melanie Pace of Loft 3 Photography. “It’s hard to remember when their tootsies were as long as our thumbs and their heads fit perfectly in our palms.”

Pace, who has two little ones of her own, suggests families invest in a professional session with a photographer who has the equipment to highlight baby’s features. If that’s not in the new-baby budget, schedule a one-year session or find a yearly package that offers mini sessions during the year.

As the co-owner of Beautiful Beginnings Birth Photography, Pace also photographs births. “Pure vulnerability in those first moments always radiates a special kind of intensity that can’t be staged later. It’s pure bliss.”

Originally published in Baby Guide 2014

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