Summer Break 2015 Roundup: Return of the Snakes at Serpent Mound


Calling all budding herpetologists! Yeah snake-lovers, we mean you. Local forest preservationist non-profit, Arc of Appalachia, hosts Return of the Snakes at Serpent Mound. Not only will you walk among the largest collection of native snakes and amphibians ever gathered in Ohio, but the day is chock-full of educational programming for kids and adults alike. Learn about the rare, Rough Green Snakes of Ohio; the three venomous snakes found in Ohio—Timber Rattlesnake, Copperhead, and Massasauga Rattlesnake—and why you’re unlikely to encounter them in the wild; embark on a junior naturalist herp hike (reservations required); or spin your best “amfibian” tale or slithery story at the Phibbing Contest. Maybe you just want to identify that thing you saw slithering around behind your garage. Experts will be on hand to help you with that too. And don’t worry, all close encounters are supervised by trained naturalists. Parseltoungue fluency not required.

Sat, June 27 from 10 a.m.–4 p.m.,


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