Summer Break: Down on the Farm


Treat the little city-dwellers in your life to a taste of rural childhood at Gorman Heritage Farm in Evendale. And while that might involve ingesting a moderate amount of dirt, they’ll be so cute digging and weeding in the children’s garden you won’t care.

Gorman Heritage Farm is a working farm, which means they still raise animals and grow produce, so you can shop and support local farmers while your kiddos rove the many hiking trails and make friends with goats. Or heaps of baby chicks. (The opportunities for epic cute here are really endless.) Classes and camps – there’s still time to register for the summer – offer eager preschoolers through jaded high schoolers the chance for hands-on learning, and volunteers of all ages are welcome to get a feel for life on the farm. The very brave can even help out in the bee yard.

Cost: $70-$200 for members; $100-$240 for non-members; Ages: Camps available for ages 4-15; Hours: Camps run 9:30-2:30. There are extended camp options available for certain weeks throughout the summer.

Gorman Heritage Farm, 10052 Reading Rd., Evendale,



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