Style Mama: Co-Owner of Bouquet Restaurant Jessica Williams

As a mama of two under 2 (Findlay and Poppy), Jessica has a knack for simple frocks and being wonderfully unpretentious.

Photograph by Jonathan Willis

You and dresses. Peas and carrots? Yes, I live in dresses—it’s how you can look like you care without really caring at all! Being in the restaurant industry and spending most of my time front-of-house, I can’t roll into work in sweatpants. So I go with simple, cotton, really comfortable dresses.

Where do you find these marvelously comfy dresses? Gap, Loft, thrift stores…I even found one at Eddie Bauer. It’s got a cross front that’s perfect for nursing, and food wipes right off.

Handy. Anything better than dresses? I’m a total bag lady! I carry everything from my Covington “Totes Ma Goats” tote to this amazing vegan leather diaper bag from Fawn Design.

You lived above Bouquet at one point. Work-life balance dream come true? Oh gosh—no privacy, delivery guys yelling up the stairs, so much noise! I lasted three months. Then we got a new place…down the street.

And these beautiful kiddos—how do they blend into your Bouquet life? My son’s first birthday was all Bouquet staff, which sums up the love between both. Fin and Poppy are regulars at Bouquet, but I’m not working as much after having Poppy. Stephen and I take turns being with the kids when either of us needs to be at Bouquet. I realize how unique this situation is, and how fortunate.

You model something authentic. Not much striving in your life, it seems. I have my own anxieties and insecurities, but I’m happy. And even in the pressures of being seen and recognized a lot because of this line of work, I’m comfortable.

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