Owner of the Perfect Party Planner on Oakley’s Kid-friendly Atmosphere


Name: Sara Pattison
Kids: Shelbi (3), Connor (8 months)
Extracurricular claim to fame: Owner of The Perfect Party Planner

Photograph by Dustin Sparks

Favorite kids spots in Oakley: blue manatee is one of the fun things we love to do. Now that my daughter is old enough, we’ve really enjoyed Monday afternoon story and craft time. King Arthur’s Court Toy Store is always a fun thing to do if it’s really hot or bad weather. We try to walk to as many places as possible because if I can get in a workout and accomplish a task, it’s the best thing ever.

Dining out with kids: We love to eat at Oakley Pub and Grill (OPG) because it’s family-friendly and they have good burgers.

Best-kept secret for shopping with kids: If you’re shopping for yourself, Evereve in Rookwood is really great for bringing kids. They have a train table and Goldfish crackers, and the women working there have even offered to play with my children while I try things on.

The balancing act: I started The Perfect Party Planner two years ago because I knew I needed something more, but knew I still wanted to be a mom first and foremost. It’s definitely a juggling act because a lot of events are in the evenings and on weekends, but I’m fortunate my husband really helps out a lot.

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