It’s Never Too Cold to Pogo


I’m sprouting grey hairs just thinking about being stuck in the house this winter with a toddler begging to swing and jump and run. While I’m prepared to bundle her in and out of snow pants, coat, hat, and mittens as often as I can stand it, there are other options for energy management when the snow starts falling.


Image courtesy Pogo Play

Pogo Play, located in Blue Ash, doesn’t look like much from the outside, but one peek inside at the Imagination Playground (think enormous soft foam building blocks, noodles, and ramps) or the sea of Legos in the Building Room and you’ll realize you’ve discovered kid mecca.

Admission for little ones 2 and under is $4 during the week, and $10 for ages 3 and up. Adults are free, but consider yourself admitted to the coffee bar once your children have dispersed to the four corners of fun.

And wear fun socks, because you won’t be able to resist kicking off your shoes and getting in on some Giant Playground action.

Pogo Play, 10870 Kenwood Rd., Blue Ash, (513) 432-5593,

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