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Dressing your children is a one-day-at-a-time kind of fight. For starters, they’re moving targets (Literally. They grow at an incredible rate and also they just never stop moving). And, since kids are manic animals in tiny human form, they simply don’t have the same respect for 1.) How much you love that sweet hand-knit sweater and 2.) How much it cost.

Mother and designer Caren Minniti Harrison knows this struggle all too well, so she started creating and selling hard-wearing children’s clothing out of her Norwood home last August, naming her project Little Red Bird Studio. Harrison designs unisex leggings, hats, bibs, and snack packs, but it’s her tunics (ages 0-3m to 4T) that are perfect for the little movers and shakers in your life. They’re reversible, which means they can accommodate an outfit do-over (’cause, you know, spit happens). And they’re versatile: cute on their own in the summer or layered over long sleeves and tights for winter. Harrison’s in-house QC department is her own daughter Stella, who tests all of mom’s designs for quality and durability in parks and playgrounds around town.

Although Harrison’s tunics have generated the most interest, she also has plans to collaborate with Chicago-based home furnishings retailer Maya Mueble on a small line made of textiles from El Salvador.

For Harrison, this new business venture is a rewarding outlet for her creativity: “I love having my hands in a business that’s my own,” she says, “although sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with all of the inspiration in my head. I’m constantly making notes about new pieces.”

You can purchase from Harrison’s handmade stock or submit a request for a custom order on her Etsy site:

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