Lifestyle Blogger Shares How to Keep Your Kids Connected at Different Ages


Name: Courtnee Garr
Kids: Rian (27), Logan (25), Skylar (24), Zachary (21), Rowan (4)
Extracurricular claim to fame: Blogger at

Photograph courtesy Dustin Sparks

Words of wisdom: The benefit of already having children who are grown up is that you know it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get the hottest toy for your kid for Christmas. Those sorts of things don’t faze me like they did when I was younger.

Keeping the family connected: Even though Rowan’s experience having me as a mom will be different than his brother and sisters, I still want them to have that close connection. So that’s my biggest challenge, keeping them involved with each other.

Favorite spots: The Highfield Discovery Garden is the best little hidden gem. It looks like a fairyland in there. EnterTRAINment Junction is a great place to visit on a cold weekday. Rowan has a blast pointing out all of the details—trucks, cranes, cars, stations—in all of the displays.

Style vs. mommyhood: When you’re home with little ones and you’re always on the floor with them, I think it’s fine to let utility be the most important thing in your wardrobe. I’m still trying to figure out how things can be functional, but still feel like me. I’ve got these high-top wedge sneakers that are a little bit funky,
so when I put them on I feel slightly edgier.

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