Letter From the Editor: Keeping It Real

Custom Publishing Editor Kara Hagerman speaks it how it is in the name of motherhood, pulling no punches

Well, we’re going there. In this issue of Baby Guide, we are venturing where most parenting magazines don’t, talking about the dirty details that many moms don’t discover until they’ve had their first child. Our cover story, “Your First Week Survival Guide,” gets pretty real, enough to make some pretty uncomfortable. Fair warning.

Photograph by Amanda Barbosa

But as most moms know, these are the important details that no one shares with you before you give birth. Everyone tells you your baby won’t sleep. No one talks about how you’ll come home wearing a diaper (just like your little bundle of joy). To help you prepare, writer Amy Brownlee, a mom herself, is honest and informative about those first days. If knowing this stuff beforehand helps calm your new-mom nerves, maybe you’ll be able to soak up the sweet baby snuggles—because the first week isn’t all bad.

My son is 6 and those moments feel like eons ago. I do miss the tiny cuddles, but we’ve moved on to reading skills and soccer games. The feature story I’m into is “Eating Out With Kids,” which uncovers the coolest local restaurants to enjoy with little ones. Red Balloon Café, Tickle Pickle, The Gruff, and York Street Café all make the list, either for their food (we want to try the mini black bean burger at Tickle Pickle) or their kid-friendly atmosphere (The Gruff has colorful murals and a nook full of books). Parents who love to explore our awesome culinary scene, but find it hard with toddlers in tow, will appreciate this piece.

We’re thrilled because this issue of Baby Guide debuts on newsstands in spring 2017. Now even more moms and dads can read about local kid crafters (“Mini Makers”), Clifton’s wildly popular children’s librarian (Baby Talk), and when it’s OK to take baby to a bar (Good Ideas). Whether your baby is brand new or a wannabe big kid like mine, Baby Guide has the content you need to help you navigate this crazy parenting journey—because you will make it through the first week, and it will all be worth it.

Best Wishes,

Kara Renee Hagerman

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