Kid-Friendly Coffee Houses (aka Caffeine Makes Me a Better Parent)

Kid-Friendly Coffee Houses (aka Caffeine Makes Me a Better Parent)

I’ve given up all hope of a truly restful nap before 2024, but there’s one habit from my child-free days that I just can’t shake: going to coffee houses. Fortunately, there are more than a few kid-friendly establishments in the area.

blue manatee decafé
Boasting the cutest menu in the tri-state area, the blue manatee decafé is inside the blue manatee children’s bookstore. Child-size tables and coloring implements mean you can enjoy your Chicka Chicka Chai in moderately interrupted peace. Also, books.

Coffee Emporium in East Hyde Park
There’s something whimsical about Coffee Emporium‘s outdoor seating, making this location ideal for warm weather months. Infants and pre-walkers are most easily managed here, not least of which because the bigger they are, the more numerous their demands for bites of your breakfast burrito.

Om Eco Café
Located in the heart of the Clifton Gaslight Business District near the University of Cincinnati, the Om Eco Café offers many gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options as well as coffees roasted locally by Coffee Emporium. Prepare yourself to chase toddlers up and down the ramp in the café’s seating area, but the ginormous tea selection makes it totally worth it.

The fenced in patio at this Northside coffee house might occasionally host a few smokers, but it’s shaded and cozy and home to two friendly bunnies even the smallest visitors are welcome to pet (but not to pick up). Indoor seating is limited at Sidewinder, but they do have high chairs and apple sauce pouches.

Friends over the river (and through the proverbial woods) have recommended Newberry Bros. and Mammoth Coffee, both in Newport.

Go forth and caffeinate!

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