Bullied At School? How to Get Help

It can be tricky navigating the murky waters of bullying in school

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Bullying is a power imbalance between a perpetrator and a target; when that target is your child, it is heartbreaking to witness their realization that the world isn’t always a friendly place. Fortunately, state laws now require schools to address bullying. Here’s what to do.

1) Get the facts from your child. Be careful not to overreact, as your emotions could overwhelm them. Reassure them you will help to resolve the issue, and they did the right thing in telling a trusted adult.

2) Contact the supervising adult immediately, advises Jessica Dykes, director of public information and community engagement at Kenton County School District. Explain the incident from your child’s perspective. Stay calm and listen with an open mind, as there may be other contributing factors.

3) Be confident they will handle the matter. The school will investigate, document the situation, and communicate their findings, Dykes says. They will follow a predetermined set of procedures for violations to their code of conduct. Dykes adds, “The school district legally cannot tell you what the punishment will be for the other child.”

After all, Dykes says, “We want to make sure that all students have a safe, positive learning environment each day.”


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