5 Newborn Baby Essentials

Newborn babies are basically half-baked little crazy people. They’re not ready to join the world yet, and they’re freaking out about it. The answer? Distract and restrain. Start with these five tools:

1. Cloud B Sleep Sheep
Crank. It. Up. And may we recommend ocean sounds? They are soothing for all involved. The heart beat sound is sweet but a tad creepy. And the whale sounds are confusing. Is it a sheep or a whale? (Answer: Both!) $29.99, target.com

2. Aden + Anais Swaddlers
Sometimes (most times…) newborns need to be restrained. If you try to just lay them down flat, they flail their arms, scratch their faces, and startle themselves awake like baby monkeys. Wrapping them up in a tight little burrito bundle actually helps them stay calm. These extra large, gauzy wraps from aden + anais are definitely the easiest to use (and they double as stroller covers/picnic blankets later on). $31.49, target.com

3. Swaddler upgrades
Eventually your wee lad or lass will turn into a Hulk baby and start busting out of your 4 a.m. blanket swaddle. You will counter with Velcro. Summer Infant SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap, $29.99, buybuybaby.com

4. Black & White
Newborns can only see about eight inches in front of their faces, and they can’t see colors. This is why they love anything that shows sharp contrast. And this is why the freestanding Black & White board book is a perfect first toy. Enjoy approximately 30 seconds of blissful silence as your baby fixates on the silhouette of a banana. Then get mildly uncomfortable at the Freudian implications of said banana and switch to the balloon picture. $7.19, target.com

5. Gas drops
When babies get gas, they scream about it. Like really loudly. That is, until they learn to hide their shame like well-adjusted adults. Since that’s a few years away, you’ll find yourself busting out the gas drops at the first sign of trouble. Be advised: You’ll also find yourself getting emotionally attached to the curative power of gas drops (as in: “I-can’t-believe-you-didn’t-pack-the-gas-drops-I-thought-you-loved-me”).

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